Monday, April 25, 2022

Learn to Make Geometric Color Wheels with Watercolor Paint

My new watercolor tutorial on color wheels gives an advanced beginner’s lesson on how to paint artistic color wheels in a full rainbow of colors. 

Learn how to paint extraordinary color wheels using just 2, 3, 4 or 5 pigments. The tutorial include 4 projects, explained over 29 pages, including 77 illustrations and full color photographs of 7 paintings that are all explained in the text. This tutorial includes templates for 4 different projects for you to trace or copy.

Start with detailed step-by-step instructions for a painting that uses just two pigments. From there you will learn to mix three, four, and even five pigments to create increasingly complex compositions. There is lengthy discussion about choosing specific pigments for each of the four projects so you can do the projects more than once and get different effects depending upon the colors you start with. If you love colors, you'll love this tutorial on painting color wheels and making the projects.

Tools & Materials: watercolor paint, watercolor paper, palette with wells for mixing colors, pencil, kneaded rubber eraser, brushes: round size 3 and 6 (or similar), cup(s) of water, water dropper, paper or cloth towel, hair dryer, and a way to transfer the templates (discussed in the text).

Don’t just make swatch charts. Make art.

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