Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Genie Bottle

This year, at Burning Man, a crew of 27 of my friends will be working together and with me to build a 24 foot tall genie bottle.  This artwork made possible due to a grant from Burning Man.
The Genie Bottle will attract travelers along their journeys with its inner glow and the promise of wishes fulfilled. An Arabesque genie bottle evokes the twin spirits of temptation and the fulfillment of wishes. For most of us travelers found along the roads and trails of Burning Man, temptation is always at hand, and the promise of wishes fulfilled propels us further along the road. This genie bottle is a beacon to these travelers. Like a siren, it lures with a sensuous promise of adventure and discovery. And temptation. When found, the bottle provides a soft and cozy protected space where wishes and aspirations can be incubated and called upon.
The Genie Bottle will be 24 feet tall and 14 feet wide.  It will be made from plywood, bolted together with steel.  The plywood will be laser cut with Arabesque designs.  There will be two exits at the base, and one through the top of the spout.  There will be a ladder down about half way from the top, and a pole to slide down for the bottom half.  Inside will be a plush, round sofa, with pillows and fabric draped from the walls.  It will be primarily lit from the inside with strip LED lights.  

I will add more to this post as we progress through this project.
Here you can read Genie Bottle: Update 1.
Here you can read Genie Bottle: Update 2.
Here you can read Genie Bottle: Update 3. Here you can see photos of the finished Genie Bottle at Burning Man.


  1. What a great project! I've never been to Burning Man but my sister-in-law has gone for many years. She always shows me the most amazing pictures. I bet your piece will be a great stop for the many adventurers there!

  2. Now that is a project! Be sure to link to the pictures I am sure you will take.


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