Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cubic Super Right Angle Weave CSRAW

A few posts ago, I compared Pondo Stitch with Super Right Angle Weave (SRAW), and found that they create a similar flat structure of beads, albeit with very different thread paths.  Soooo, in the comments, Emilie had the insight to ask, "Have you done a cubic version of the super RAW?"  Indeed, I had not.  And always enjoying a good beading challenge, I made this.
It's a row of three cubes using cubic super right angle weave, or CSRAW for short.  I think I can pronounce that out loud.  Csraw. K-sssssssssssraw.

Here is one cube.  It has 4 x 6 = 24 black beads and 12 gilded red beads.
(Edited to add: I eventually realized with loops of 4 and loops of 6, this is a beaded truncated octahedron.  See the hexagons and squares in the illustration below.) 
When you add another cube, the new cube shares one face, or 4 black beads with the first cube.  Each cube shares 4 black beads with the cube next to it.  It's a little squishy, and it shows more thread than I like, but it has the nice property that even though it squishes, it likes to pop back into shape.  It has a nice springiness about it.
Noticing the 4 black beads on each face, I realized that you can add cubic right angle weave (CRAW), on any face of SCRAW.  Yup, CRAW and SCRAW play very well together!  Here is a square using SCRAW on the corners and CRAW on the edges, and embellished with silver seed beads to fill in the spaces.
The embellishment stiffens the weave significantly.  That embellishment is essentially what I show at time 2:50 in the video below on Cubic Right Angle Weave.
Now, if that weren't enough, there's more.  Because these cubes in CRSAW have extra beads, you can attach them by the corners, like this.
Each pair of consecutive cubes shares 6 beads instead of 4.  That's 3 purple beads and 3 golden beads shared by each pair of cubes. 
And there's even more, but I got to save something for later, right?  Okay, I'll leave you with two last photos.  Here's what I had for Thanksgiving dessert.
And this.  My sister made these delicious delights.  The candied cranberries were my favorite... super tart and just a little sweet.
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  1. Great stuff! It didn't look like I expected, but then, I've never actually made SRAW, just looked at yours. So now I have to sit down with some actual beads and thread and see what this is all about. But I really like the look of it.

    1. Cool. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I have continued fiddling with these little cubes, but I hope others will find applications different from mine.

    2. I did a couple of other ways to "cubify" SRAW. Pictures on my EP Originals blog.

  2. I enjoy SO much reading your beaded escapade

  3. Have you ever made a tutorial for CSRAW?


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