Friday, October 3, 2014

New Tutorial - Highly Unlikely Triangle with seed beads and thread

I finally finished a tutorial for the Highly Unlikely Triangle, now available.
This piece of beadwork is based upon the impossible triangle of Roger Penrose and MC Escher. I beaded my first impossible triangle in 2006, and it’s taken me until 2014 to write this tutorial. This wasn't my first try, or second!   Until recently, I couldn't find a good way to explain how to do it on paper.   In those 8 years, I have been developing my tutorial writing skills to the point that I could manage explaining such a tricky and challenging design in a way that I think advanced beginning beaders will understand.  And now, I think I finally got it.  The solution was lots and lots of illustrations.
This tutorial is designed to teach you cubic right angle weave with seed beads, including turning corners and joining ends to make a closed loop.  You will also learn to embellish CRAW with seed bead, on straight-aways, and also around inside and outside corners. You can even use tiny bugle beads, like I show here.
 Or even longer bugle beads, like I did here.
I hope you will enjoy my newest tutorial of one of my oldest designs.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Okay, Google must not want me to comment on your blog. :( My comments keep disappearing.

    This would make a wonderful chain all interlinked.

    I followed the link to your Etsy shop and you write wonderful descriptions.

    1. Thank you KJ. Google might not like your comments, but I ALWAYS do.


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