Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bead Crochet Necklaces with Antique Metal Buttons

I made myself a little bead crocheted necklace that I loved so much, I made four more for my Etsy shop.  They are orange, mauve, blue and black, and can be worn alone or layered.  Each necklace has three strands of beads crocheted on soft, yet strong, silk yarn.  And I finished each with an antique metal button from my collection.
These necklaces are so soft and light, you won't even notice you're wearing them.  I've actually been sleeping in mine it's so comfortable, and I almost never sleep with jewelry on any more.  Here is a close up of the burnt orange one so you can see the cute little button with a clown kneeling to a lady.

Here are the blue and black ones together.
Here is the one I made myself.  I'm a sucker for lime green.  I made this before I figured out that a button makes an even nicer closure on these than a toggle clasp.
Here is the mauve one alone. Yes, they're simple, but sometimes simple is just right.


  1. Thank you. I chose colors to make them match, and I used two slightly different lengths for the for I'm selling so they will layer neatly.

  2. Gwen,
    These are really neat and I bet they are comfortable to wear. Thank you for sharing I think maybe I could do this bead crochet.

  3. They are very comfortable, and not too difficult to make, but it does take some technique to finish them off neatly and securely.

  4. Hi Gwen,
    wow very great works, i love it. so beautiful

  5. Great!! I really like these necklace...I liked its design, beautiful them!!

  6. Very pretty! I love your colors, and you're right that sometimes simple is just what you want.

  7. Gorgeous - I like things like this and have a couple of pieces I bought that aren't dissimilar but done with coloured thread and pearl beads - my fave is lime green!


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