Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cotton Jersey Tunic in Blue and Gold

I finished this top last night. It's made with cotton jersey fabric, stenciled with artists' acrylics and entirely hand stitched with polyester thread--super soft and comfortable. The more pieces I make like this, the more I'm getting addicted to these sewing techniques of Alabama Chanin. The styling and stencils are my own design.
Meet Bunny!  This is one of the back panels.
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Here you can see The Twins.  I got a little carried away making silly cartoon stencils. The colors on this photo were enhanced.  The gold doesn't actually contrast that much with the blue. While it looks nice in the photo, and it helps you see the slight metallic sheen of the paints I used, I actually prefer the more subtle coloring of the original.  After all, it's clothing, not art to hang on a wall.
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Thanks for looking!

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